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Egger Hospitality Mission
Egger Hospitality Values
  Egger Hospitality

Because the Chop Houses are the sum of the beliefs and actions of it’s people, it is critical that we share a common set of values.


We show kindness and caring in all we do for the people who choose to visit us, whether for food and drink or companionship. We never forget it is their choice.


We are in the people business. Our people are our greatest asset and our greatest strength, we are nowhere without them. We believe in working together co-operatively and have respect for each other’s contributions.

Local Quality

We provide our customers with a product and level of service that is consistently excellent. We serve the best products available to us and train our team to deliver service with intelligence, care and pride. We buy locally and support the communities in which we serve at every possible opportunity.


We live and die as a team. We do what we say we will do, we plan our success and we never pass the blame. We challenge ourselves to continually improve the areas of our business that need improvement and strive to contribute to the solution.

“We are ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen”