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The Opportunity The key to success in the Chop House is our unique restaurant design, local supply chain and operating systems which enable our franchisees and partners to provide the product and service associated with high end casual dining concepts within a flexible and substantially smaller restaurant footprint (1,700 to 3,500 sq. ft.). This significant competitive advantage allows us to market to smaller urban or suburban communities where there is a growing demand for a quality dining experience, while still capturing the traditional “neighbourhood bar and grill” clientèle.

The smaller footprint also reduces the cost of capital for construction and start-up which is appealing to our investors, franchisees, and owner/ operators.

Site and Market Specifications
• Store Size – 1,700 to 3,500 Sq. Ft.
• Patio – minimum requirement is an area for 10 tables
• Parking – designated area preferred but not mandatory
• Target Markets – commuter communities surrounding the Kitchener-Waterloo region

The Chop House’s competition for the target market falls under the category of (a) Independent restaurants competing directly in the market providing a broad scope of product and service ranging from family oriented environments to fine dining strategies and (b) Chain Restaurants competing indirectly in the market, where the target group is required to travel outside their immediate community to experience this dining option.

There are two major methods the Chop House utilizes in order to create an advantage over it’s competitors:

(a) Connect to the communities we serve through use of a local supply chain
(b) Owner/ Operator management of every location that ensures excellent product and service for the community.

The independent restaurants currently servicing these markets tend to be either extremely family oriented or are special occasion fine dining establishments and are soft on consistency of execution and have a “home style” offering. The Chop House elevates dining in the communities we serve by differentiating ourselves through “chef driven” menus executed by seasoned professionals – uncommon in the communities we serve. “You can’t make this at home….”

The Egger Hospitality Group, through the Chop House concept provides the perfect combination of product, service, and size to meet the demand for a higher quality casual dining experience in the target markets.