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The hospitality industry offers career paths that reflect its dynamic, often vibrant nature. There are many opportunities to start at the bottom and work your way up to management–you just need to set your goals and gain the appropriate experience and training and work hard. You could even open your own business down the road.

Some sectors of the industry provide the more traditional vertical career paths, such as the kitchen where it is possible to move from being an apprentice chef up through various positions to head or executive chef. Many chefs move on to become owner/operators of their own restaurants, or move into mid to senior management positions in restaurants and hotels.

Career paths in the hospitality industry are not always vertical. Many people working in the industry move sideways, progressing to a similar level position in a different part of the industry. For example, a server may move from working in a pub to a dining room or even the kitchen!

At Egger Hospitality we have comprehensive training and certification programs including classroom, on the job and full apprenticeships. We are growing rapidly and have great opportunities for leaders at all levels.

Career paths in the hospitality industry are very flexible and Egger Hospitality’s diverse businesses offer great opportunity to learn, grow and increase your market value in the industry. Our team members will develop the skills it takes to win and succeed whichever way your career path takes you!

With enthusiasm and industry experience, your hospitality career is limited only by your knowledge of what is possible!

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